Spezialwerkzeuge für die Drehteileindustrie

Universal system for plastic machining






 The great diversity of plastic types which have also the most diverse cutting characteristics pose cutting problems for many plastic machining operators.

 Dieterle recognized the problem and developed insert types for all plastic requirements, for soft and elastic plastics to rigid, tenacious and worn-out plastics.

 These different kinds of inserts are shown together with the appropriate tool-holders in the catalogue Universal System For Plastic Machining. 

 There can be found sharp cutting blades as well as sharp long turning inserts which have big cutting depths. Also coatings, especially diamond coatings come in to operation when machining plastics.

Herby we achieve a significant tool-life.













                        Milling Tools

 Facetted single flute cutters are recommended for the CNC-machining of thermo-  and duroplastics, as well as for aluminium, light metals and non-ferrous metals.

 Our polished and facetted single flute cutters are very well suitable particularly for long-chipping materials, and due to a low chip adhesion also for thin-walled materials and represent a technically superior solution for contemporary machining requirements.