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Polygon Cutters

Polygon Cutters

With these tools you can produce flats, square forms, hexagonal or octagonal forms on smallest components.

Most CNC machines can turn in axial direction, so that the required length of the polygon can be reached by turning.

If you can not turn in axial direction, as is the case with most cam controlled machines, we stoc carbide insert blanks for polygon grooving in different widths, which can be adjusted to the width your component requires.

Our stock includes standard polygon cutters for various machine types, such as Tornos, Citizen, Star, Index, Traub, Manurhin, Gildemeister, or Schütt.

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Polygon cutter with adjustable inserts

Tolerances on polygonal forms are becoming smaller and smaller, making it sometimes impossible to use a standard polygon cutter. We have therefore introduced a new type of polygon cutter with adjustable insert seats, available in different sizes.

For a precise adjustment of the inserts on the same height we can offer our concentricity control and adjusting unit. If you should encounter any problems we will be pleased to help.




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