Spezialwerkzeuge für die Drehteileindustrie

Special Drilling Tools/Broaches/ Punches

Special Drilling Tools



  • Helical Step Drills
  • Flat Form Drills
  • Cone Drills and Core Drills
  • Form Core Drills
  • Special Reamers


On our modern and precise grinding machines we can produce even small series of solid carbide tools economically, such as step drills, flat drills, tube bits, or reamers with special dimensions according to your specification. These tools can be provided with a high-quality lapped finish, produced with fine diamond tooling.


Production tolerances can be kept as small as 1 - 2 ┬Ám, if requested.




With a new grinding method we can produce various special broaches and punches. Your dxf-files can be read into our construction programmes.